Build The 3DBT Car




The frame of the 3D Printed Bluetooth car,  is just two beams and the perf board, Connect these with screws. The motors can be connected next and the wheels are ready to be attached. The front wheel can be mounted, also.
Each electronic module has a clip or hold down. The micro controller use the clip and the motor driver and Bluetooth modules both have unique hold downs the screw into the perf board. The battery pack can be mounted at this point.
Description showing the Connections for the wires from the motors is shown on the motor driver module. The 4 Motor driver wires to the micro controller are shown in the documentation. The 4 wires for the Bluetooth module to the micro controller are shown in the documentation.
Phone App
The R/C car connects via Bluetooth to your cell phone. After loading the app on your phone and connecting you can control the car either with the tilt sensor, vioce commands or buttons in the car app. to communicate. At the current time only Android is supported. The MIT 2 App inventor (free) was used to create the Bluetooth Controlling Application(BCA) . The BCA is open source so it can be downloaded and modified.

Detailed Instructions



The way the battery case is connected has been changesd This video discusses the changes.You can see it here…


3d printed bluetooth car

Mobile App

Instructions to load the app. The app was created on the MIT s App Inventor(App Inventor libraries need to be downloaded from Google Play., this was chosen as another learning tool. In the event that people want to modify this app they can use the free MIT 2 App Inventor.

Installable file (.apk)…Bluetooth_car (APK for phone)

Modifiable file (.aia)…Bluetooth_car (AIA for MIT 2 App inventor)

Parts List

(2) Geared Motors (DG01D-A130)

(1) Arduino Pro Mini

(1)  Dual-Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver (L9110)

(1) 4X AA battery pack

(12) Dupont connecting wires


(10) 1/4″ screws

(4) 3/4″ screws

(1) 3D Printed Car parts


(1)Andriod Smart Phone w/Bluetooth

(1) MIT 2 App Inventor support files (in Google Play Sotre)

(1) 3DBT App


The 3D printed Bluetooth car (3DBT car) is ready to run when assembled, no programming required. You can modify the included program or install a completely new one. You can also, change or build a new mobile app to run the car since everything is open and freely changed. You decide if/when.

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