Beyond The Build


The build is the start of the conversation, just as two people meet and learn about each other. The 3DBT car has much to offer, just as a new friend would. Although not directly connect to the internet, it is connect to your phone and your phone is connect, so you may say it has one degree of separation. Imagine, mounting a second phone(recommend using cheap prepaid smart phones ~$30) on the car so that you can control it with the 1st phone via the tilt sensor and see where it is at in the 1st person. Then have a timed race to see how long it would take, standing in another room, to drive an obstacle course vice your competitor. Next, with three phones  one person can drive and the second giving directions using non-verbal communication.

The phones can be used with a modified version of our app or a completely new application on the MIT 2 App Inventor. Smart phones have a few sensors built into them. The value of the the sensors usually exceeds the $30 cost for a cheap smart phone. The sensor data can be sent to and acted on with the Arduino via the Bluetooth connection. To teach the coordinate system, using the accelerometer, a phone app could move the car in the X and Z axis based on the movement of the phone.

Hopefully, these examples spur some ideas on how the 3DBT car can be used to keep the conversation moving forward and drawing kids into a full STEAM program.

If you have suggestions or want to discuss working together, please post them below or contact us.


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