Fashionable Arduino Remote Control Car Kit


The best part of this Arduino remote control car isn’t the Bluetooth control, the best part is that you can have it made with the colors you like. When ordering Mix and match different colors, then after the kit arrives and you build the car, you can use some clips and panels to complete your design. This kit is designed to be changed and used with other craft items you may already own. The larger platform encloses the electronic parts and battery pack. This allows for more creativity that promotes pride and accomplishment. The fashionable kit can be modified and reprogrammed, just like our other kits.

The Fashionable Arduino Remote Control Car kit is ready to run when assembled, no programming required. You can modify the included program or install a completely new one. You can also, change or build a new mobile app to run the car since everything is open and freely changed. You decide if/when.


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