Build The 3DBT Car


All the Parts for the Bluetooth car.

[su_panel border=”2px solid #6b6a65″][su_slider source=”media: 277,115,116,117,118″ link=”lightbox” width=”700″ height=”320″] [su_heading style=”modern-1-dark” size=”18″ margin=”0″]Overview[/su_heading] [su_heading style=”modern-2-dark”]Frame[/su_heading] The frame of the 3D Printed Bluetooth car,  is just two beams and the perf board, Connect these with screws. The motors can be connected next and the wheels are ready to be attached. The front wheel can be mounted, […]

Fashionable Arduino Remote Control Car Kit


Fashionalbe Arduino remote control car

[su_slider source=”media: 374,372,373″ link=”lightbox” height=”260″ pages=”no”] [su_panel border=”2px groove #6b6a65″ shadow=”5px 5px 5px #eeeeee”]The best part of this Arduino remote control car isn’t the Bluetooth control, the best part is that you can have it made with the colors you like. When ordering Mix and match different colors, then after the kit arrives and you […]

Beyond The Build


The build is the start of the conversation, just as two people meet and learn about each other. The 3DBT car has much to offer, just as a new friend would. Although not directly connect to the internet, it is connect to your phone and your phone is connect, so you may say it has […]

Pro Mini Prototype Kit


This is a new product that will help you develop small Arduino projects fast and cheaper. We’ve taken the small Pro Mini (Arduino compatible) and merged it with a battery pack and small breadboard, while mounting the Pro Mini to a circuit board for stability.  The kit comes pre- loaded with a RGB_Blink sketch.  You […]

Remote Camera Bot


[su_panel border=”2px groove #6b6a65″ shadow=”5px 5px 5px #eeeeee”]How much much would it be to drive an Arduino Bluetooth car with a first person camera? You can find out, all you need is 3 smart phones (you can use $20 pre-paid Android phones from Best Buy) then use Skype or Athome video streaming app to broadcast […]

New Life for Plastic Bricks


Plastic Brick Connector

[su_slider source=”media: 315,270,271,273,274″ link=”lightbox” height=”320″ pages=”no”] With the Plastic Brick Connector (PBC) you can use the Lego(R) plastic bricks you already own. The PBCs use a motor mount elbow to turn the motors 90 degrees, so they neatly hug the body and makes building the body easier. This allows the body to be designed using […]